Keep your Hummer ready on or off-road

Hummer Wranger 4x4

Invest in affordable maintenance and repairs

Keep your warranty intact

By investing in factory recommended maintenance services you'll not only have a Hummer that performs as it should, but you'll protect your warranty. Many don't realize they can see mechanics outside of their dealership. Save a great deal of money when you get the same great services from factory certified technicians. Get routine maintenance service with ease, if you're not sure what your Hummer is due for we can help!


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Get needed repairs done fast

Whether you need internal repairs to your engine and transmission, or collision repairs due to an accident, you can see us for it all. Get services provided by technicians skilled in body paint, engine, transmission, and a variety of other related services specialized just for your Hummer. Rest assured you'll get professional care every time.


See us for pre-purchase inspections and have confidence in your new vehicle.

Keep your Hummer ready on or off-road

Invest in affordable maintenance and repairs

Factory recommended maintenance services

Completing factory recommended maintenance is crucial to maintaining  your factory and extended warranty, along with maintaining your vehicles performance. Why pay dealer prices when these services can be performed at our facility and meet the requirements for your factory and extended warranty? You’ll get a higher level of service and a personal touch for less!


If you are not sure when your Hummer is due for its next service give us a call at 703-751-0069 and our trained Hummer technicians will answer these questions and more.

Routine maintenance services

The service intervals recommended by Hummer are the minimum service maintenance requirements, assuming that driving conditions are normal. If temperatures are higher, you experience stop-and-go traffic, and short trips are more frequent, more frequent maintenance service may be recommended.

Having performance issues with your Land Rover? Look at the minor services below, as one of these may be causing the performance issue. Contact us using this form or call us at 703-751-0069 for more information about the more common maintenance services we provide or to schedule an appointment.

General Repairs


We specialize in both major and minor repairs. Whether it be a spark plug replacement or a full engine rebuild, our certified technicians will have your vehicle running as good as new.


Common signs of engine trouble:


• Check Engine Light

• Coolant Leaks

• Poor gas mileage

• Poor Past Maintenance

• Knocking or Tapping Sounds

• Low oil pressure

• Smoke from the tailpipe

• Timing Chains and Belt


Our engine services:


• Timing Chains and Belts

• Head Gaskets

• Engine Replacements

• Fluid Leaks

• Carburetors

• Fuel Injection

• Valves

• Oxygen Sensors

• Radiators

• Transmissions

• Fuel Pumps

• Fuel Filters, and much much more!


Pre-Purchase Inspections

When purchasing a pre-owned Land Rover 4x4 many things can be overlooked. Have one of our trained Land Rover 4x4 specialist inspect the vehicle for the most common issues.


Here’s what our inspection includes:

• Exterior: body, lights and mirrors.

• Interior: locks, seat belts, window operation, tilt wheel, cigarette lighter and clocks.

• Air conditioning and heating system performance.

• Electrical system: battery, alternator, starter, wipers, rear defroster, sunroof/convertible tops, instrument lights, horn, warning lights and other interior lights.

• Cooling system: coolant level and condition, cooling fan operation, radiator, water pump and coolant hoses.

• Brake system: brake fluid/condition, wheel cylinders, calipers, master cylinder, brake lines, parking brake, brake pads and shoes, brake rotors and drums.

• Engine: oil level/condition, fluid leaks, drive belt condition, filters, fuel lines/connections and motor mounts.

• Transmission: fluid leaks, transmission mounts

• Steering & Suspension: steering fluid level/condition, pumps, hoses, gear box, wheel bearings, air springs, tires.


Collision Body and Paint


We understand that accidents happen and that it’s not fun for anybody involved, but we will make the process go as quickly and easily as possible. We work with all insurance companies and will handle any claim for you. We will negotiate getting you a rental car directly with your insurance company. Just drop off your car and we will handle the rest. With Overland 4x4 your needs will be met.


We Provide:


• Free Estimates

• Frame Repair

• Frame Straightening

• Custom Auto & Motorcycle Painting

• Alignments

• Electronic Measuring

• Glass work

• Expert Lifetime Paint

• Top Quality Materials

• Insurance Claims

• Direct Repair Facility for Major Insurance Companies